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A Royal Fuckfest Part 3 – hd gay porn from MEN

‘Men Of UK’ show us the British Royal family in trouble yet again. This time it threatens to bring the establishment down thanks to a gay sex hd video shown on the national news. The film shows the two handsome princes, Conner Maguire and Paul Walker, having sex with a male servant. is there to film the whole sordid mess as the princess have an amazing threesome with Theo Ford.

Conner Maguire and Paul Walker are standing together in their full uniform, feeling like the world is great and nothing can spoil their mood, when the news comes on. The reporter tells the alarming news to the world about a leaked video of them having sex with a male servant. They stand there in shock as the gay porn video is played on the Full HD TV as a servant tells everyone what happened. The princess can’t believe it. They stand their shocked when Paul looks at Conner in a stunned silence for a moment not quite believing that Conner didn’t throw the tape away.

The naughty homosexual video starts playing. Conner and Paul are sat on each side of a couch smiling at each other. Paul has just switched the video recorder on, and as they sit down, Theo Ford, their man servant, comes and joins them in the middle of the couch. The brothers grab Theo’s hands and make him take their rock hard cocks out of their pants. Conner strokes on his eight and a half inch dick as he watches Theo going down on Paul’s thick cock to give him a blow job he is never going to forget. Theo then moves around and sucks Conner’s aching dick.
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Theo takes it in turns on those Royal cocks, but the royals want more. Paul and Conner get Theo to get his clothes off, and as he gets back on the couch to suck Conner’s cock once more, Paul gets behind him and slides every inch of his fat dick deep into his tight asshole.

Theo moans out loud as Paul rams his dick into him, but Conner shoves his head down to keep him sucking on his slippery wet dick. The brothers then change positions and Conner is still fully dressed as he drills Theo’s asshole as Theo continues sucking Paul’s cock.

Theo gets his ass fucked hard and fast and can’t stop grunting with a heightened sense of excitement. Paul and Conner take turns in filling his ass as hard they as they can. They get Theo on his back, with Paul smacking and screwing his ass, whilst Conner goes to the other end of the couch where he strokes on his own dick as he watches his brother banging Theo’s already ravished ass.

Conner picks up the camera and films Theo Ford as he cries out loud as his thick creamy cum shoots out and lands on his smooth, hard body. Paul Walker then stands up and his hot cum spills over Theo’s spent empty ball sack and over his body making his cum join the puddle in the middle of Theo’s stomach.

Conner goes back to stroking on his throbbing cock over Theo’s head. He shouts out he is about to cum, and Paul zooms the camera in and we see Conner’s cum spattering onto Theo’s neck, face and mouth.

After xxx gay porn hd video from has finished playing Paul and Theo stand there in shock when the rest of the family pile into the room. Paul and Conner look at them in amazement as they find the film quite funny, and their grandad has a big smile on his face and keeps on saying on lovely it is.

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Conner Maguire is a cute young man with bright red hair and a smooth muscular body, and he is versatile with an eight and a half inch dick. Conner has starred in 38 hardcore movies for which includes ‘The Groomsmen Part 3’ with Roman Todd.

Paul Walker is six foot versatile stud with an eight inch cut cock. He has brown hair, blue eyes and weighs 168 pounds. Paul has been in 53 movies for and he has just starred in ‘Top To Bottom; Woody Fox’, with Woody Fox.
Theo Ford is another six foot two inch hunk with smooth skin and a great body. He is a versatile top with a seven point eight inch uncut dick, he has dark blonde hair, grey eyes and has starred in 18 hardcore flicks for and has had sex with some of the hottest men around the world. click here for more

David Chase and Leo Giamani

Are you looking for a movie that is new, exciting, and guaranteed to be hot? Well, look no further; Randy Blue is starting a new series. This site is home to handsome, big, fit, gifted men , who star in quality moves that are guaranteed to satisfy your lustful appetite. This site is filled with real men e.g. dads, studs, and tough guys who like to get down and dirty with each other while the camera is rolling.
In the beginning of the new series, “Affairs,” two guys are seen meeting up. However, soon after they are kissing each other with such hunger and passion that it is clear that this is some kind of clandestine meeting. Unfortunately for these two men, however, someone seems to watching them. We are left in the dark ( as to the identity of the spy) because the attention soon turns back to hunky Leo Giamani as he meets up with his six-pack having lover; stud muffin David Chase. Within seconds these hunks are kissing, touching, and ripping the clothes off of each other.

Pretty soon, we find Giamani down on his knees lovingly working David Chase’s cock with his mouth and caressing his tight, fit body with his hands. David Chase and Giamani switch positions and David Chase wraps his sexy lips around Giamani’s eight inch dick. After a little while, Giamani bends David Chase over and puts his beached face in between his ass cheeks and starts to lick it like it were a lollipop. You can tell that David Chase loves the feel of that fur against his tight ass. He starts playing with his cock while Giamani rims his ass and then proceeds to drive his cock in as deep as it can go.
Those hot details are only half of the story. The second half of this delicious flick shows Giamani giving sexy David Chase hard cock in a variety of positions. At one point, he has him against the wall, giving him cock doggy-style until he pulls out and shoots his thick load all over the back of his lover. Then there’s more balls squeezing and kissing as David Chase jerks his dick which brings him closer to orgasm. The second cum shot soon follows leaving the lovers spent, confident that their affair still remains a secret.
But, is that really true? Is their secret only between the two of them? Who was that mysterious stranger behind the wall? The only way to find out for sure is to watch part two of this very hot series. The only problem is that it has been released yet but knowing the Gods of Men franchise, we won’t have to wait long for the next installment nor will it be disappointing.


‘This is the city that never sleeps…’ Cue John Carpenter style music. ‘It’s driven by the dark side of desire…’ Visuals of a very sexy Leo Giamani walking through a dark urban setting at night. Atmosphere pours in and you know you are in for something special. This is the latest offering from Falcon Studios and we know they know how to make great scenes. They have high production values and great models and Insomnia Part 2 is another hit as far as I am concerned.

Leo can’t sleep so he wanders the streets until he finds a fellow insomniac, in this case it’s fit and sexy Aries guy Tommy Defendi. The guys meet anonymously in the underpass, the light is low but you still get to see the horny encounter. It reminded me of days gone by and dark backrooms at clubs, though here you can hear the cars passing by overhead. This is a real setting, on location and that’s why the atmosphere is so hot. Dark alleyways, strangers with no names, but both of them knowing exactly what the other wants.

They movie into a nearby deserted building and Tommy Defendi starts to strip Leo down and gets to work on his cock, hard and proud as always and, as always, ready for action straight away. And Defendi knows how to deep throat, he must have a pretty open suck-passage to get that length down and his head comes right into Leo’s flat stomach as he deeply takes his entire length. And then Leo takes his turn and we get some great close up suck session filming with Tommy Defendi’s huge eight and half inch cock being slurped and throated by the more experienced Leo. The guy is also shaved, so when Giamani starts licking on his nuts and up and down his shaft you get nice clear views of the clean, shaved flesh of the guys’ cock.

And that cock stays hard as Tommy gets his ass well fucked by our horny insomniac. He gets that cock inside him and then starts to roll his ass around, doing all the work while Leo stands there and lets his mate impale himself on his hard dick. Then the fucking gets harder and faster, Tommy gets on his back, pulling on his meat until his read and angry cock shoots for all it’s worth. Giamani dumps a load on his anonymous fuck’s face before we fade out and we’re left to look forward to part three of this on-going series.

The really neat thing about this totally hot scene is that it’s only Defendi’s second scene for Buddy Profit. His first was for Gods Of Men, also a pretty impressive site, and he’s already building up a fan base. Check him out and you’ll find you’re going to be a bit hooked on him, his co-star and the action of this incredible hardcore movie.

Leo Giamani Gay Porn

Str8 To Gay is the site where we get to live out our fantasies of straight guys agreeing to gay sex. We’ve all had them, and this site really brings back some memories of long-forgotten thoughts we’ve had about our straight mates. In this scene we’ve got a great pairing of guys with both of them being kind of guys-next-door and cute, though both having a certain amount of straight appeal, and both being pretty good actors as well as having hot bodies and being very good porn models.

Story goes like this: Leo Giamani has split up from his GF and is pretty upset about it so he comes over to see his best buddy Vance Crawford and get some sympathy. These guys are already close in a way that straight men can be: Leo thinks nothing of lying on the couch and putting his head in Vance’s lap (face up) and just chilling out. There is some macho physical attention paid, the odd fist thump, though subtle and gentle, and there is something very homoerotic about this scene right from the start. Soon through, Vance decides that his mate’s problem is women; perhaps he should try something else.

OK, so it doesn’t take much to persuade Giamani to get his stuff cock out, but when he does we start off on a gorgeous hardcore scene where it is really easy to think that the guys are straight, or that at least one of them is. Both these guys are tattooed and both are fit, and both have big and cut cocks, so they are evenly matched. The camera gets in nice and close on the initial sucking and this guy really does have an amazing cock, mind you Vance has an amazing pair of lips to wrap around it too. He sucks his straight mate for a long time and gets his pants of him too, revealing a shaved pubes and balls; a bonus.

Both guys end up totally naked, both showing off their toned muscles and their inked skin. And both have great, rigid cocks which they suck, stroke and pleasure each other with. And then, when the fucking starts, the sounds and sights of these two young bucks together is totally awesome as Vance gets well drilled by his straight buddy. There is plenty of straight and gay jizz mixed at the end of this 25 minute long scene, and it is one of those scenes that leaves you wondering how you might go and seduce that straight friend of yours that you’ve always had the hots for.

Erik Rhodes doing a gay porn scene with Leo Giamani

Going to a club, Erik sees Leo from across the room. Taking the initiative to make the first move, Erik takes Leo into a private room and unzips his pants to pull out his hard cock. Leo falls to his knees eager to lick the moisture from Erik’s shaft and sucks him to the point of him cumming all over his face. Leo then guides Erik’s hand over his own hard shaft, and Erik returns the favor by laying back for Leo to pound it in his mouth as Erik rubs Leo’s cock as well.

Andrew Justice having sex with Leo Giamani

Andrew is shy about taking all of Leo in, his cock being huge and bulging. Eager to please, Andrew comes forward, and sucks Leo’s cock taking every last inch down his tight throat. Sucking him over and over, Andrew plays with Leo’s throbbing balls while he licks the swollen head of Leo’s enormous shaft. Leo cums hard, shooting his hot wad down Andrews awaiting mouth. Andrew swallows every last drop, and shows this thanks by rimming Leo’s hot ass afterwards.

Leo Giamani Fucks Beaux Banner

Beaux puts his oral skills to the test when he sucks, licks, and swallows Leo’s huge cock. Licking his balls, taking him down his throat, and licking up and down his thick shaft, Beaux pleases Leo to the point of bursting. After cleaning up all of his cum with kisses and nibbles all down Beaux’s body, Leo then takes control, bending Beaux over and giving him the cock hard and fast.

Pumping him without hold from behind, The feel of Beaux’s hot ass grips Leo, making him shove his cock in harder, to the point of climax. Leo then takes a hold of Beaux’s mouth, making him swallow every last drop.

Pornstar Leo Giamani On YouTube

just found sexy and horny gay pornstar Leo Giamani on youtube, i thought i would share it with you. Enjoy 🙂

And also a quick little interview with to hot male stars

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