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‘This is the city that never sleeps…’ Cue John Carpenter style music. ‘It’s driven by the dark side of desire…’ Visuals of a very sexy Leo Giamani walking through a dark urban setting at night. Atmosphere pours in and you know you are in for something special. This is the latest offering from Falcon Studios […]

Erik Rhodes doing a gay porn scene with Leo Giamani

Going to a club, Erik sees Leo from across the room. Taking the initiative to make the first move, Erik takes Leo into a private room and unzips his pants to pull out his hard cock. Leo falls to his knees eager to lick the moisture from Erik’s shaft and sucks him to the point […]

Andrew Justice having sex with Leo Giamani

Andrew is shy about taking all of Leo in, his cock being huge and bulging. Eager to please, Andrew comes forward, and sucks Leo’s cock taking every last inch down his tight throat. Sucking him over and over, Andrew plays with Leo’s throbbing balls while he licks the swollen head of Leo’s enormous shaft. Leo […]

Leo Giamani Fucks Beaux Banner

Beaux puts his oral skills to the test when he sucks, licks, and swallows Leo’s huge cock. Licking his balls, taking him down his throat, and licking up and down his thick shaft, Beaux pleases Leo to the point of bursting. After cleaning up all of his cum with kisses and nibbles all down Beaux’s […]