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David Chase and Leo Giamani

Are you looking for a movie that is new, exciting, and guaranteed to be hot? Well, look no further; Randy Blue is starting a new series. This site is home to handsome, big, fit, gifted men , who star in quality moves that are guaranteed to satisfy your lustful appetite. This site is filled with real men e.g. dads, studs, and tough guys who like to get down and dirty with each other while the camera is rolling.
In the beginning of the new series, “Affairs,” two guys are seen meeting up. However, soon after they are kissing each other with such hunger and passion that it is clear that this is some kind of clandestine meeting. Unfortunately for these two men, however, someone seems to watching them. We are left in the dark ( as to the identity of the spy) because the attention soon turns back to hunky Leo Giamani as he meets up with his six-pack having lover; stud muffin David Chase. Within seconds these hunks are kissing, touching, and ripping the clothes off of each other.

Pretty soon, we find Giamani down on his knees lovingly working David Chase’s cock with his mouth and caressing his tight, fit body with his hands. David Chase and Giamani switch positions and David Chase wraps his sexy lips around Giamani’s eight inch dick. After a little while, Giamani bends David Chase over and puts his beached face in between his ass cheeks and starts to lick it like it were a lollipop. You can tell that David Chase loves the feel of that fur against his tight ass. He starts playing with his cock while Giamani rims his ass and then proceeds to drive his cock in as deep as it can go.
Those hot details are only half of the story. The second half of this delicious flick shows Giamani giving sexy David Chase hard cock in a variety of positions. At one point, he has him against the wall, giving him cock doggy-style until he pulls out and shoots his thick load all over the back of his lover. Then there’s more balls squeezing and kissing as David Chase jerks his dick which brings him closer to orgasm. The second cum shot soon follows leaving the lovers spent, confident that their affair still remains a secret.
But, is that really true? Is their secret only between the two of them? Who was that mysterious stranger behind the wall? The only way to find out for sure is to watch part two of this very hot series. The only problem is that it has been released yet but knowing the Gods of Men franchise, we won’t have to wait long for the next installment nor will it be disappointing.

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