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‘This is the city that never sleeps…’ Cue John Carpenter style music. ‘It’s driven by the dark side of desire…’ Visuals of a very sexy Leo Giamani walking through a dark urban setting at night. Atmosphere pours in and you know you are in for something special. This is the latest offering from Falcon Studios and we know they know how to make great scenes. They have high production values and great models and Insomnia Part 2 is another hit as far as I am concerned.

Leo can’t sleep so he wanders the streets until he finds a fellow insomniac, in this case it’s fit and sexy Aries guy Tommy Defendi. The guys meet anonymously in the underpass, the light is low but you still get to see the horny encounter. It reminded me of days gone by and dark backrooms at clubs, though here you can hear the cars passing by overhead. This is a real setting, on location and that’s why the atmosphere is so hot. Dark alleyways, strangers with no names, but both of them knowing exactly what the other wants.

They movie into a nearby deserted building and Tommy Defendi starts to strip Leo down and gets to work on his cock, hard and proud as always and, as always, ready for action straight away. And Defendi knows how to deep throat, he must have a pretty open suck-passage to get that length down and his head comes right into Leo’s flat stomach as he deeply takes his entire length. And then Leo takes his turn and we get some great close up suck session filming with Tommy Defendi’s huge eight and half inch cock being slurped and throated by the more experienced Leo. The guy is also shaved, so when Giamani starts licking on his nuts and up and down his shaft you get nice clear views of the clean, shaved flesh of the guys’ cock.

And that cock stays hard as Tommy gets his ass well fucked by our horny insomniac. He gets that cock inside him and then starts to roll his ass around, doing all the work while Leo stands there and lets his mate impale himself on his hard dick. Then the fucking gets harder and faster, Tommy gets on his back, pulling on his meat until his read and angry cock shoots for all it’s worth. Giamani dumps a load on his anonymous fuck’s face before we fade out and we’re left to look forward to part three of this on-going series.

The really neat thing about this totally hot scene is that it’s only Defendi’s second scene for Buddy Profit. His first was for Gods Of Men, also a pretty impressive site, and he’s already building up a fan base. Check him out and you’ll find you’re going to be a bit hooked on him, his co-star and the action of this incredible hardcore movie.

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